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Keeping Your Cat Comfortable During A Boarding Facility Stay

If you plan on going away for an extended period of time, and you have a cat at home, you may consider bringing it to a boarding facility, such as Animal Care Center of Forest Park, so it is cared for in your absence. Knowing your pet is comfortable while in this type of establishment will give you peace of mind while you are not able to watch over it yourself. Here are a few tips you can use to help your cat remain comfortable while in the care of a pet boarding facility.

Get Your Pet Used To People

If your cat doesn’t normally come into contact with other people, you may want to incorporate some social visits into your schedule ahead of your trip. Invite friends to your home so there is an influx of people around your pet. Make sure they pay attention to your cat during their visits. If your cat usually runs off to hide when company is present, try closing off rooms by shutting doors before guests arrive. This way your pet will need to be closer to the people during the visits. This will help your cat get used to having others nearby as they will in a boarding facility.

Allow Your Pet To Be Pampered

In pet boarding facilities, there is usually a groomer available on the premises. Sign your pet up for some pampering while you are away. It is a good idea to bring your cat to a groomer a few times before you leave them at a boarding facility so they are used to the process. See if the particular boarding facility you plan on using allows for individual appointments from pets not currently staying at the facility. Having the same groomer take care of your pet before you leave will help make them more comfortable with the procedures they will have when you are not at home. 

Bring Along Comforts From Home

Make sure your cat has some of their favorite belongings with then when they are dropped off for a stay at the boarding facility. A warm blanket, favorite toy, or desired treats will make the transition in staying a bit easier. Comfort items should be put in the cage area along with your cat so they are readily accessible. The treats can be given by the caretakers throughout the day so the pet will warm up to having people come near.

Request Some Alone Time

If your pet is the type to get skittish around other animals, ask that the facility put your cat in an area where it will not need to fraternize with other felines. They may be more comfortable in a smaller caged area without having the pressure of other cats around in this type of situation. 

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