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Keeping Your Cat Happy During Boarding

As a cat owner, you have probably spent years working on your relationship with your pet. Cats are notoriously picky and often require special handling. When you are forced to board them, you need to be especially careful to prepare them for the experience. If you do, you will pick up a happy, non-traumatized cat when you return home. 

Pre-boarding Visit

Your pet is your baby so don’t feel silly about taking serious pre-boarding steps. Before you leave your cat, you should take them to visit the boarding facility. If it offers day care arrangements, you should drop your cat off for a few hours just to see how things go. That way you can check out facilities and the staff and see how your pet reacts to the surroundings. If things go well, you can feel good about leaving them for a longer period. 

Things from Home

Bring your pet’s favorite food to the boarding facility. They will be better off with their usual diet and will feel more comfortable. Also, changing their diet when they are stressed can make them ill and their stay miserable. 

Just like a child, your pet will do better at a boarding facility if they have a favorite toy or another prized object with them. Taking a little blanket or jingle ball can make all the difference to how well they adapt during their stay.

Checking In

When you leave your pet, you should do it quickly so that you do not prolong your cat’s upset mood. Once you are gone, you should feel free to call in and ask about how your pet is doing. You may want to choose a facility that has a camera feed you can access online so you can see what is going on in the building. You are perfectly within your rights to keep close tabs on your baby, so feel free to check in when you feel the need. 

If you must leave your pet behind for a period of time, you can do a few things to make the experience easier for you and your cat. Let your cat visit the facility for at least a few hours before boarding them. Take food and familiar items along so your cat will feel more comfortable and not experience digestive problems. Finally, feel free to call and check on your cat when you feel the need. When you pick up your cat, you will find a happy and healthy feline. 

For more detailed information, visit an animal boarding location like Academy Of Canine Behavior or others near you.