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Don’t Make These Common Dog Brushing Mistakes

Brushing your dog might seem simple enough, but if your dog isn’t brushed properly, you will leave your dog open to several problems. Ideally, you should take your dog to a groomer periodically. But if you’d like to save money or only have time to groom your dog yourself, you will need to avoid these mistakes.   

Not Brushing Short-Haired Dogs

Pet owners usually know that they need to brush the hair of long-haired dogs, but they may not take the time to brush a short-haired dog. However, doing so can also have benefits because brushing will make it easier for you to inspect your dog for fleas, ticks, bumps and other concerns. Brushing will also remove dirt, loose fur and other contaminants. Brushing your dog more frequently also helps improve fur growth.

Not Training Your Dog

If you are concerned about whether your dog will behave itself as you are brushing, make sure that you begin grooming your dog as early as possible. The younger your dog, the more easily accustomed to grooming it will be. Make sure that your dog does not decide when the grooming session is over by misbehaving. If your dog learns that it can misbehave to bring the grooming session to a close, your dog will learn to behave this way in the future.

Letting Your Dog Become Matted

Continue to brush your dog consistently because you will not want to give your dog an opportunity to forget what it has learned. Also, if your dog’s fur becomes tangled and matted, your dog will experience more pain when you try to brush it. If you have to cut out your dog’s mats, you will compromise its insulation, making your dog colder. Fortunately, you can prevent mats in the first place by brushing your dog’s fur before it walks through the rain or takes a bath since brushing will remove dead fur. You should also brush after bathing your dog to further remove tangles.

Not Brushing in the Winter

Many pet owners believe that they do not need to brush their dogs in the winter. However, the longer hair does not usually do enough to keep your dog warm, so you might as well continue brushing your dog.

Not Brushing Everywhere

It is best to go to a local dog groomer (such as one from Hickman Creek Kennel). You will need to do a thorough job brushing every part of your dog’s body, not just the top and sides. Make sure that you are gentle around the belly, eyes, ears and nose.

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