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Create A Safe Haven For Your Cat Outdoors

Many cats love spending time outdoors, basking in the sun and watching birds, but it may not be an option due to the area that you live in or the age of your cat. Whatever your reasons may be for keeping your cat indoors, it’s a good idea to look into how you can create a safe space for your cat to play outside.

With the following tips, you’ll be able to set up a safe enclosed space for your cat to enjoy during the warmer months of the year.

Make Shade a Priority

When the sun is beating down, your cat may enjoy laying out in the direct sunlight, but they can quickly become overheated if you’re not careful. To ensure that your cat doesn’t overheat or even become sunburned, it’s a good idea to ensure that plenty of shade is provided. Whether in the form of an awning or a tin roof, you’ll need to make sure that the enclosed space has the shade that is important to you.

Install a Perch with a View

Most cats love to get a good view of what’s going on around them, making a tall perch a good idea for the enclosure. Whether in the form of a simple perch or a full cat tree, your cat will enjoy having a space to climb and look over the area beneath them.

Provide Plenty of Toys

From feather dancers to batting mice, the tremendous selection of cat toys make it easy to find toys that will stand out for your cat to play with. While your cat may be busy with simply the view from their enclosure at first, it’s still a good idea to include plenty of toys to keep your cat stimulated.

Include Non-Toxic Potted Plants

Along with toys, you’ll want to include treats in the form of safe plants for them to munch on. While catnip may be the first plant to spring to mind, there are an enormous selection of plants that are safe to use in an enclosed space for your cat to enjoy. From bamboo to Irish moss, your numerous options for plants allow you to liven up the enclosure without any danger to your cat.

Designing an enclosure for your cat with safety in mind can ensure that your cat will enjoy their new play area without any danger to them. Carefully choosing a location for the enclosure and making additions for the enjoyment of your cat can help create a great space for them to enjoy the outdoors safely. A company like Groves Veterinary Clinic can offer more advice on keeping your pet safe and healthy while outside.

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