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Got a New Puppy? Invest in Professional Training to Make Sure Fido’s a Great Family Member

Your new furry family member may be cute and cuddly right now as a puppy, but as it grows up it can learn some pretty bad habits without proper training put into place. By focusing on training, you can curb jumping, nipping, and incessant barking before your pooch becomes too big and powerful. Proper training will also teach your pup how to sit, stay, and play nicely even when strange kids and other dogs are around. Here are a few more important reasons to consider investing in dog training services sooner rather than later:

Socialization Skills

One of the most important skills you can teach your dog is to properly socialize with other animals so they don’t become aggressive or protective later on in life. Proper socialization makes walks and playtime at the park safer for everyone involved, and minimizes the chance of dealing with dog fights in the neighborhood if Fido sneaks off of your property. You’ll find that it’s a lot easier to introduce new pets into the family when your dog already understands how to socialize well.

House Training

It can be tough to live with a dog that isn’t well housetrained. Urine tends to leave behind an odor that’s almost impossible to get out of carpeting, clothing, and bedding. And a dog that isn’t housetrained may very well tear up your precious belongings when you aren’t at home to supervise.

Your trainer should be able to teach your dog to treat your home and belongings well, and to hold their need to use the bathroom until they are able to get outside. Crate training is another aspect of housetraining, allowing you to contain your dog while you are away without any anxiety or stress buildup on your dog’s end.

Proper Care and Attention

Dog training services even give you an opportunity to hone your “pack leader” skills by learning the right way to train your dog at home, to handle him in public, and to use proper correction methods when your dog isn’t behaving properly so that your commands are not misinterpreted. You’ll also learn how to handle sticky situations if your dog does happen to get in a fight or seems not to be listening while you’re out and about.

With proper training and conditioning, your dog will make a great family pet as he ages, even with small children or other animals living in the household.  For more information, contact Crossroads Pet Resort

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