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Caring For Your First Pet Lizard: 4 Necessary Supplies And Accessories

Purchasing a pet lizard is, on one hand, not unlike getting a more traditional pet, such as a cat or dog. Many pet supply stores will have several different types of lizards for sale in a variety of sizes and colors. Some stores even specialize in reptiles and reptile supplies. But lizards have much different needs than other pets, and many first-time lizard owners are unfamiliar with the supplies and accessories best suited to lizards. Take a look below at four examples of supplies that will keep your lizard happy.

Habitats and Decor

A lizard will be miserable if left in a makeshift cardboard or plastic container picked up from around the house. For that reason, a terrarium should be at the top of your list when considering what supplies and accessories to purchase. Most terrariums are made of glass (for easy cleaning), are two to three feet in length, and feature a top ventilation screen that is easily removable. Most terrariums will set you back no more than $100, and additional decor such as plant replicas, plastic refuge pieces, and bags of substrate material, are very affordable.


Because lizards are cold-blooded, they require constant sources of heat. The best way to ensure that your pet lizard is warm enough at all times is to install a special heat lamp or basking bulb inside the terrarium. Some heat lamps are even designed as rocks on which the lizard can lie for hours at a time. Most lamps and bulbs can be had for around $20.

Waste Removal

Just as with any other kind of pet, removing your lizard’s waste is an unpleasant but necessary task. It can seem especially difficult if your lizard prefers to bury itself in the various substrates of the terrarium environment. Luckily, specialized waste removal tools exist that help to sift through heavier substrate material and remove odors. Pick one up at your local pet supply store for around $5. 

Food and Water

Many lizards will eat various kinds of vegetables, but prefer more substantial food such as live crickets. Crickets can be picked up by the hundreds on the cheap in sealed plastic bags at your local reptile supply store. Basic water pumps that attach to the side of any terrarium are also preferable to a small bowl of water, as the water stays fresh for a longer period of time, and does not evaporate as quickly. 

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